Induced haze spread family fitness industry for the better

Origin Author Time:2015-12-21 12:00:00

 Recently, Samsung, Lenovo, Sony several major electronics companies have cross-border design fitness products.Samsung Sports TV exclusive APP, Lenovo somatosensory green motivation, Sony KLV-32T200A etc., coincidentally developed a series of big moves in the same field , home fitness industry will set off a new wave ?

    Stay at home, enjoy a private fitness room , away from pollution, to avoid accidental injury , Family Fitness With these unique advantages, in 2013 in the health industry is expected to become " a strong dark horse ."

    Outdoor sports , high concentrations of PM2.5 continuous burst table , to be prohibitive ; go to the gym and difficult to persevere tradition . Is there a simple and fun for family fitness method?

    In response, many companies have made ??this year's action , launched the " triple play" in the form of a family with innovative interactive fitness products , is expected to become the main force in a new generation of home fitness .

    It is reported that China's per capita consumption level as the continuous improvement of our home fitness equipment is also rapidly increasing market demand , home fitness equipment, fitness equipment manufacturers in the proportion of revenues growing.

    As of June 2013 , China's total above-scale training fitness equipment manufacturing enterprises 246 . However, CBIW monitoring data show : the first half of 2013 , the training fitness equipment manufacturing industry realized a total sales income of 12.524 billion yuan , an increase of 3.01% ; number 54 loss-making enterprises , the amount of loss of 97.962 million yuan , an increase of loss of 3466.8 million.

    CBIW Industry Research Institute industry researcher Zhou Fei told reporters: " At present, China 's demand for household equipment, increasing the size of the home market than the commercial market is also large and growing fast , China's urban residents consumption for personal fitness 30% annual rate of increase, the future industry will enter a stable growth period, market profits bright future . "

    Zhou Fei said, " In recent years, foreign brands of fitness equipment companies entering the country to speed up the speed of the competitive fitness equipment industry is no longer a competition between local areas , but the international competition ."

    Turning to the status of home fitness industry , Zhou Fei said : "At present, China home fitness equipment market growth rate remained at 6% -10 %, the home fitness equipment market is mainly manufacturers sales gross margin stable at 10 % -30% , fitness equipment products used in the home fitness penetration and per capita consumption is still very low , the future of fitness equipment industry is still very broad space for development . "