Indoor fitness equipment selling residential fitness equipment was cold

Origin Author Time:2015-12-21 12:00:00

Winter, as the weather cools , many people began to like outdoor sports choose home fitness . 24, the reporter learned from several fitness equipment stores , treadmills loved by many people , sales reached the highest year . In contrast , the majority of residential fitness equipment has been left out .

Reporters learned from the fitness equipment store , winter, indoor fitness equipment sales have been good, especially the treadmill loved by many people . According to sales personnel , who come to buy indoor fitness equipment to middle-aged people mainly young people increased over previous years . " Middle-aged young men pay more attention to physical exercise than they buy fitness equipment is also higher grade ." It is understood that the price of the treadmill from more than 2000 yuan to ten thousand dollars , style features different wares. Ms Xu is buying fitness equipment , told reporters that her usual morning run had the habit of getting cold do not want to go out, but also do not want to miss the opportunity to exercise , he intended to buy a treadmill the whole family can use, but also from weather changes.

    Compared selling indoor fitness equipment , fitness equipment area began in the cold. Reporters learned that the majority of people are reluctant to go out because it was cold . Who lives in the East ofthe Liu told reporters , after the cold weather , many outdoor sports are limited , and sometimes bite the bullet and reach out to feel the effect .