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Origin Author Time:2015-12-21 12:00:00

Spring to go cross-country, hiking, summer, go swimming, play beach volleyball , diving, blink of an eye , the winter come again . Winter frost winter , many people may not go winter swimming or long-distance running , and the choice in the home fitness . In the end this year, He Shixing home exercise ?

    We visited some sports mall and department stores in Guangzhou , but also to ask some experts , found a number of winter popular home fitness.

    Simple equipment nostalgic

    After a dance mat , rowing machines and other fitness equipment outside popular after the winter sports market in Guangdong growing feeling of " nostalgia ." Haeinsa Dongchuan in Guangzhou City and other sports Sports Mall where shops can be seen almost every dumbbells, chest and other " primitive" sporting goods, and are the most prominent being placed on the counter .

    According to the waiter introduced this winter dumbbells, skipping, heavy hula hoops and other fitness equipment more popular , but expensive. 5-pound dumbbells price of 25 yuan , 40 yuan each dumbbell 8 lbs , 10 lbs dumbbells each 50 yuan . Although the price is high, but options are very public , no wonder almost every sports mall shops are willing to work with manufacturers into sales .

    In addition, a nation of characteristics of indoor fitness equipment has surfaced , and that is the gyro . It is understood that the gyro project in Wa , Yao, Zhuang and other ethnic minorities has long been popular , diverse gameplay , top shape is also different, the largest up to 2 to 2.5 kg . Competition, with the whip rope wrapped gyro spin up hitting each other , collide under the gyro rotation longer to the winner . Perhaps because gameplay novelty , gyro attracted the attention of a lot of Cantonese , sales also good.

    And some large department stores in Guangzhou , treadmills are poor sales . A few years ago hundreds of thousands of dollars a treadmill , and now some only sell a few hundred dollars ; There is also a no electricity, composed by several bearing simple treadmill , just 100 yuan , but has Shaorenwenjin . According to reports, this is because winter is no longer fashionable boring treadmill, more interesting " Spinning " is more popular.

    " Spinning " expensive, less likely to move back home, but some large fitness room in Guangdong actually able to find their trace. And ordinary bicycle machine is different, depending on the movement rhythm of the music can adjust the amount of exercise , to simulate uphill, downhill effect, so popular pursuit . Guangzhou Tianhe a club out of 3388 yuan / year price, there are many people interested .

    Simulation sought after fitness

    This year's home fitness equipment on the market , or to the number of the freshest interactive simulation of fitness .The fitness and game room, a gun shooting game similar principle , as long as the TV connection , you can face the TV screen participants waved equipped with electronic devices " ball with ," and the hit TV rivals table tennis, tennis , a high.Shunde Sunny company launched " Chicco invincible tennis 2008 " interactive simulation and digital tennis fitness fitness to attract a lot of buyers.

    Similarly , in Guangzhou, some high-end games hall , there has been a commonly known as " gliding " consoles .This machine is operated by a bicycle and a big screen TV component , the screen displays an extreme athlete Easy glider pilot the shuttle in the mountains in the picture . Participants must keep moving pedals pedal , and through the body twist control television glider orientation. Riding faster , planes flying higher , the slightest relaxation, glider crashed into the cliffs of the danger there is very exciting . To race on the players , all of them are a sportswear, etc. tired to leave, has long been a profusely.

    According to expert analysis , interactive simulation category of home fitness equipment, the future will become very popular. As compared with the traditional fitness equipment , it is a good mix of fun and practicality, people can play the game in a sweat . Compared to adolescents favorite PC football , basketball games of the virtual scene , this simulation game better .