Most popular indoor fitness

Origin Author Time:2015-12-15 12:00:00

According to the U.S. Sporting Goods Manufacturers Association statistics, in 2006 , the United States there are about 900 million people in their own homes for fitness . Some people think that buy those cheaper price , easy disassembly of fitness equipment to better meet strength training, cardio and body flexibility exercises , than to buy specialized equipment is much more affordable .

    Dumbbells equipment is a very good price , not only easy to use , could be " a multi-purpose device ." Now sold chromium steel "smart dumbbell " , simply by turning the dumbbell at the top of the digital disc , you can choose six different weight classes for different people to exercise.

    Lithe balls this big ball of soft vinyl material can be used to exercise power and flexibility . The lithe ball at home, lying on fitness ball do all kinds of stretching exercises ; lying on the ball, sitting on the ball , can exercise different parts of the strength and flexibility . If the home area is small , there is no place to put this big ball , you can use it to replace the chair , sitting on a big ball , you can exercise power and improve balance.

    Super mat biggest selling point is above the scale grid, grid scale can help you practice yoga , Pilates, stretching movements to keep the body in a straight line, or help you to measure your progress is rapid . When you are stretching , you can easily see that he is in the first line, second line , or has exceeded it.

    Such medical fitness ball fitness ball colorful different weight , and easy to use . The main thing is that it allows you to force the body to avoid strength training , and the training focused on a few muscles . Such purposeful movement can better train strength, flexibility , and increased with age, loss of balance.

Skipping can burn a lot of fat . For a weight of 67.5 kg of women, skipping 11.4 calories per minute, can consume fat , improve heart and lung activity , physical agility and coordination.